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  • Integrations

    Idha Online can without much effort be integrated with basically any modern Tachograph systems. We have integrations with: Volvo, Scania, MAN/RIO, Mercedes, Transics (ZF), Webfleet (Bridgestone), Addsecure, Geotab, TransPA/Visma, Telia, Fordonskontroll/Visma, Drivec, Consat, Pilotfish, Samsara, Trinorth, SagaSystem , Malux, Colix, HR-App etc.

  • Extended driver support

    Now all your drivers can use Idha Online out on the roads. With the help of Idha Online's driver login, it will now be easy to digitally administer, sign and handle infringements, all to avoid unnecessary paperwork.

  • Idha for workshops

    Idha Workshop is a software specifically developed for workshops. Every second year it is mandatory to calibrate the digital Tachograph. Idha Workshop can view and archive calibration records, it can also create the calibration label mandatory to fit at front window pillar as a proof of calibration.

  • Clarity and knowledge

    Increase the understanding of laws and regulations. With the help of simple explanations, Idha Online will train both drivers and management to reduce infringements and maintain compliance. We strive for clarity and increased knowledge.

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