Storage and evaluation of digital Tachograph data

Idha Online assist transport companies in managing their digital Tachographs, everything from file transfer to legal compliance.

Extended driver support

Now all your drivers can use Idha Online out on the roads. With the help of the driver login in Idha Online, it will now be easy to digitally administer, sign and manage infringements, all to avoid unnecessary paperwork.

  • Immediate reporting and digital signing of infringements
  • Confirmation and comment functions to support drivers if infringements occur
  • Reporting of out-of-scope driving, workshop visits and exceptional circumstances etc.

Switching to Idha Online is easy

Switching system for storage and evaluation of Tachograph data is not a big challenge, at least if you switch to Idha Online, we have knowledgeable staff and processes in place for a quick and smooth switch. We have extensive experience from migrating customers from all existing tachograph systems to Idha Online.

A selection of satisfied customers

  • Kent Davidsson
    Kent Davidsson
    "I have been using Idha Online on daily basis since 2015. A great analysis application that makes the job done fast and easy."
    Administrator of driving and resting times
    Frigoscandia Åkeri AB

Idha in brief

Idha Sweden AB was founded in 2007 to develop and provide software solutions to support transport companies and workshops in managing digital Tachograph data. In the same year that Idha Sweden was founded, we were also the first to launch a web-based system for storage and evaluation of Tachograph data, just the year before the digital Tachograph was launched in the EU, then slowly but steady the analogue Tachographs are to be phased out.

Today, more than 15 years later, the digital Tachographs have replaced the analogue Tachographs and Idha Sweden is the largest systems provider for digital Tachographs in the Nordics, and with strong growth in the rest of Europe.

Right from the start, we wanted to simplify the work with digital Tachographs, automate everything possible, increase knowledge and reduce the number of infringements, and also make the customer feel that they are in charge of the situation. The trend is clear, over the years we have seen our customers reduce their infringements by 90 % or more.

Idha in brief

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