idha-Online is a web-based system to handle information from digital tachographs and driver cards. idha-Online offers easy to use evaluation, secure storage, and automatic drivers' hour validation.

The drivers' hour validation includes Regulations (EC) No 561/2006, (EU) No 165/2014 and Directive 2002/15/EC. Storage and evaluation is done with a common web browser, Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari Etc. Tachograph files are uploaded, evaluated and stored at a secure co-location system with continous backup.

idha-Online is a multi-user system that allow different responsibilities to be easily assigned; an operator can be assigned responsibility for a group of vehicles, drivers can be given a login to upload files from their own driver cards etc.


idha-Workshop is a software to handle data from inspections of digital tachographs, it reads, stores and evaluates workshop card files.


An easy to use application to upload tachograph files to idha-Online, it reads driver cards (with any common smart card reader), the D-Box and various USB-connected devices. Lena makes large multi-file uploads easy. Free to download and use together with idha-Online, it can also store files locally if registered.


The same basic functionality found in Lena but with the added feature to directly download data from the digital tachograph. MobiLena is aimed to be installed on a laptop and used to upload tachograph files directly from inside a vehicle.


Lisa is an application for scheduled upload of files to idha-Online. Lisa is installed as a service and runs in the background on any Windows installation.

Lisa is a perfect solution if you receive your tacograph files to a server and want them to be automatically uploaded to idha-Online.